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Speed up Pytorch Debugging

Tick on the Settings -> Build, Extension,Depolyment -> Python Debugger -> Gevent compatible to make debug on pytorch code (GPU) fast.

Speed up Visiting Externel Packages

Settings -> Python Interpreter -> Show All -> Show path for the selected interpreter -> Add (path to the package). Then this path will show in you project structure (in Externel Libararies).

Useful short cuts

Help -> Keyboard shortcuts PDF to get the shortcuts cheat sheet.

Ctrl + Shift + F: Search in project.

Ctrl + P: Show parameters hints. (cursor in function parentheses)

Ctrl + D: Copy and paste a new line.

Ctrl + Alt + L: Reformat code. Auto-fix space, indent, …

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L: Reformat code dialog. Reformatting with options, e.g., enable imports optimization.

Ctrl + Alt + O: optimize imports

Ctrl + LeftClick: Go to function file.

Shift + Enter: Go to next line.

Resolve updating index forever

Commonly it’s because you put datasets under the content root of your project. Pycharm takes forever to index these millions of images… Right-clik the datasets folder and Mark Directory as Excluded will help. If still not help, try adding the regex-file-name (e.g., *.jpg) or folder-name (e.g. data) into the Settings -- Editor -- File Types-- Ignored Files and Folders -- + -- <subdirectory/filetype-that-you-want-to-ignore>